Stunt Mode

Your goal in stunt mode is to get as many points as possible. You achieve this by doing cool tricks. Just swim as fast as you can and jump high into the air. Move the cursor around and your dolphin will perform tricks. You will earn points by moving the cursor randomly but for maximum points you need to plan out your tricks.


Do flips by rotating the cursor in a circle around your dolphin. If you rotate too fast your dolphin will do a turn instead. You need to rotate the cursor quickly but not too quickly.
Flips Points
Single 700
Double 4,900
Triple 30,10
Quadruple 181,300
Pentuple 1,088,500


A turn is accomplished by putting the cursor opposite to the direction that the dolphin is turning.
Degrees Points
180 100
360 300
540 700
720 1,500
900 3,100
1080 6,300
1260 12,700
1440 25,500
1620 51,100
1800 102,300

Laser Shot

Shoot your laser while in the air and you will earn points. Each subsequent laser shot earns more points than the last. Shots are worth: 50, 60, 72, 86, 104, 124, 149, 180, 215, 258, 310, 372, 446, 535, 642...

Big Air

If you are in the air for a long enough time (about 2 seconds) you will start to earn points for big air. The points add up quickly if you go off a big jump.


There are often hoops placed around the level. Go through as many hoops as you can in one jump to earn the maximum amount of points.
Hoops Points
1 500
2 1,500
3 3,500
4 7,500
5 15,500
6 31,500
7 63,500


Your entry into the water is extremely important (just like in Olympic diving). Try to enter the water at the same angle that you are moving. Your entry score gets multiplied against all the other points you earned for the jump. It is essential to get a good score here in order to get the maximum number of points.
Entry Multiplier
Bogus 1.0
Bad 1.5
Good 2.0
Belly Flop 2.0
Great 2.5
Awesome 3.0
Perfect 5.0


Gliding is in a separate class from all the other tricks. Put your dolphin close to the surface of the water and swim along the top of the water. When your dolphin is half in and half out of the water you will in earn points for gliding.

Wall Hit

Avoid hitting walls. Hitting a wall will make the current trick that you are performing worthless.

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