The controls can be customized through the Options screen. These instructions refer to the default controls.

Moving Your Ship

The first thing that you need to be able to do is move your ship around the screen. To do this, use the arrow keys. The left and right arrows turn your ship left and right, respectively. The up arrow is like the gas pedal - it accelerates your ship forward. The down arrow is the brake - it slows your ship down. Jack of All Trades operates in quasi-real physics. This means that you do not necessarily travel in the same direction that your ship is pointing. You can use this to your advantage in combat by, for example, turning your ship around and firing at a pursuing vessel.

Firing Weapons

Now that you know how to move your ship around, you need to know how to fire guns. Ships can be equipped with two kinds of weapons - primary and secondary. Primary weapons have an infinite amount of ammo and can be fired with the Q key. Primary weapons usually fire straight ahead unless you have a turret version, in which case it will fire towards your targeted ship. Secondary weapons have a limited amount of ammo and must be selected to use them. Choose your desired secondary weapon by pushing the Tab key. Fire secondary weapons with the W key. Secondary weapons include missiles and mines.


When in combat, it is useful to lock onto your enemy. By doing this, your turrets and missiles will direct their fire towards the enemy. To do this, left-click the mouse on the ship that you wish to target. If the enemy is not visible on the screen, you can click on the radar instead. The A key targets your closest enemy. The S key cycles through all the different enemy ships. The Z key targets the closest ship, whether or not it is an enemy. The X key cycles through all ships.


You will frequently want to land your ship on a planet or dock at a space station. First, get close to the planet that you wish to land at and slow your ship down. Then either click on the planet with the left mouse button or push the L key. Doing so will bring you to the Planet Screen.


Once a ship has been severely damaged, it becomes disabled. A disabled ship appears grey on the map and cannot move or fire weapons. If you wish to steal from a disabled ship, select the ship and then move fairly close to it. Then click on the ship or press the T key to open up the transporter window. From here you will be able to use your ship's transporter to steal cargo.

Quantum Speed

Jack of All Trades consists of many different star systems. To travel among them, you must first enter Quantumspeed. To make the jump to Quantumspeed (the so called Quantumleap), press the Left Shift key. You must, however, be sufficiently far away from the system center. In addition, your ship must be facing away from the system center.

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