Getting Started


Click here to download the demo version of Jack of All Trades. If you would like to download the full version of Jack of All Trades, you can purchase it by clicking here.


Installing is easy. Just double click on the jackdemosetup.exe file that you downloaded (jackfullsetup.exe for the full version) and follow the onscreen instructions. Once installation is complete, you can start the game by clicking on the Jack of All Trades icon on your desktop or by opening it through the start menu. To do so click Start > All Programs > Jack of All Trades > Jack of All Trades.


Once you have started the program, you will see a brief introduction animation and then the main menu will popup. Click on Start New Game to begin a new game. A story screen will be displayed. Click the mouse after reading the story.

The next screen allows you to name your pilot. This is the name that will be used throughout the game when you are doing missions and talking to aliens. Type the name and click Create Pilot. Read the next message and click Ok.

Now you have started the game. At this point you see the Flight Screen, which is where all the action takes place. Your ship is the small shuttle in the middle of the screen.

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