Planet Screen

The planet screen allows you to perform a variety of actions. You can upgrade your ship, get a new ship, buy some weapons, make money through trade, or find new missions. Simply click on the button that corresponds with what you wish to do.


The shipyard allows you to buy a new ship. Depending on which planet you are on, you will have a varying selection of ships. In general, more expensive ships are better but you have to choose a ship that will work for what you are trying to do. Some ships have a nice cargo capacity and make good freighters but chances are they won't last long in battle. Other ships are extremely powerful but very slow and hard to maneuver. Click the Specifications button to find out whether or not a ship meets your needs. Keep in mind that a new ship comes unarmed, so make sure you have enough left over to buy weapons.

Ship Upgrades

Ship upgrades are a good way to improve a particular aspect of your ship that you find lacklustre. There are numerous types of upgrades, each of which upgrades a particular aspect of your ship. Each type of upgrade has different levels of strength. Only one upgrade from each category can be used at the same time (the effects do not add up if you buy different upgrades in the same category).

Mass Reduction Upgrades lower the mass of your ship. With a less massive ship, you gain improved turning and improved acceleration.

Generator Upgrades make your ship generate more energy. This means that your blue energy bar gets replenished faster. If your energy bar is constantly running low from firing too many weapons, this is what you need to purchase.

Repair Bot Upgrades allow your ship to recover from damage more quickly. This is useful during drawn out battles in which you can't land on a planet for repairs.

Turning Thruster Upgrades make your ship turn faster. Extremely useful for dog fighting. Combining this upgrade with mass reduction makes your ship turn much faster.

Max Speed Upgrades let your ship travel faster. It does not improve your acceleration, just what your maximum speed is. This is particularly useful when trying to outrun ships of a similar class to your own.

Thruster Upgrades make your ship accelerate faster. Combine this with mass reduction for superior acceleration.

Hull Upgrades allow your ship's hull to take more of a beating. Buy these if you want to avoid getting blown up.

Shield Upgrades allow your ship's shields to absorb more damage before failing. Use with hull upgrades to get maximum ship protection.

Cargo Upgrades extend the amount of cargo that your ship is able to carry. If you find yourself often short on cargo room, get this upgrade.

Missile Evasion Upgrades allow your ship to escape missiles more often. They trick the tracking mechanism in missiles so that the missile will fly off in another direction instead of seeking straight towards you.

Buy Weapons

Weapons are essential to staying alive in Jack of All Trades. Generally, buying more expensive weapons will give you more firepower but there are other capabilities to consider as well. Detailed weapon descriptions are shown after selecting a weapon. Here are some general guidelines for buying primary and secondary weapons.

Primary weapons (also known as cannons) never run out of ammo and are usually energy based weapons such as the laser. Primary weapons are divided into two categories: regular and turret. Each ship has room for a set number of regular weapons, and a set number of turrets. When you select the weapon that you wish to buy, a box displays your current number of this weapon type and your maximum allowed. Keep in mind how much energy a particular primary weapon uses. Pulse weapons are much cheaper but they also use a lot more energy than laser weapons.

Secondary weapons have a limited amount of ammo. After buying a missile you get to shoot it once and then it is gone. Secondary weapons are more expensive than primary weapons in the long run, but they are also much more powerful. Some types of secondary weapons are extremely good at tracking enemy ships while others contain almost no tracking equipment whatsoever. You can also buy mines which are useful when ships are chasing you. Most secondary weapons don't use any energy, but make sure you read the weapon description because some (like the Plasma Missile) use a lot of energy and are inconvenient for smaller ships.

Trade Goods

One of the best ways to make money in Jack of All Trades is by buying and selling commodities. Every planet has different prices for commodities. When you see a good being sold for a low price, buy it. Then fly to other star systems and find a planet with a high price for the same good and sell it. Once you figure out good places to buy and sell, you can fly between the two different systems trading goods. If you are really lucky, you will be able to find a route in which you can make money in both directions.

Be aware, however, that if you are trading massive quantities of a particular good you will actually influence the economy of the planet. Buying too much of a good will raise the price and selling too much of a good will lower the price. This makes trading less profitable for you, so you will have to wait awhile until the economies return to their original equilibrium price levels. In the mean time you can find other, perhaps even more lucrative, trading routes.

Stock Market

The stock market is where you should go if you don't mind risking it all. Click on the History button to get a graph of the selected stock and then decide whether or not now is the right time to buy. You can see if the economy is in a recession or not by looking at the economic conditions box. Be warned, however, this is just the opinion of the economists and as such, it is not always right.

If you simply randomly buy stocks based on a gut feeling there is a good chance that you will lose big time. You should be aware of a few facts about the market in order to help you maximize your profit. Each stock represents a company in a particular industry. The individual stock prices are effected by the current state of the industry in which they reside. For example, if analysts think that the tech industry is booming, then the price of all tech industry stocks will go up. By comparing different stocks from the same industry you can sometimes determine the true value of a stock and whether or not it is going to raise or fall. One last thing: if a stock drops to zero the company has gone under and you have lost all of your money.

Press and hold the buy button to buy shares quickly. Hold down the shift key at the the same time to buy shares even more quickly. Alternatively, you can just click the "Buy All" button to buy as many shares as you can afford. The same is true for selling shares.

Mission Board

When you need to make some money fast, you can accept missions from the mission board. Some missions are safe and some are deadly. Read the mission description to get an idea of how difficult it is going to be. Press the M Key to display the galaxy map. The red arrow indicates your current position and the blue arrow indicates where the selected mission is located.

Delivery missions can be done by almost anyone - just be on the lookout for pirates. The payment of a delivery is based on the distance of the delivery and the amount of cargo that you have to haul.

Bounty hunting missions are sometimes easy and sometimes hard. You can usually tell how hard a bounty hunting mission is going to be by looking at the payment. Some missions are only for a single enemy pirate, while other missions involve destroying a whole fleet of enemy pirates. There are also creature hunting missions available. These are similar to bounty hunting missions except you will have to blow up a space creature.

If you own a Circus Cruise Ship, special ferrying missions become available to you. Because the Circus Cruise Ship is a specially designed ship, you can only take one of these missions at a time. They usually pay better than regular delivery missions, but you are restricted to flying the pitifully weak Circus Cruise Ship.

Leave Planet

When you want to leave the planet or space station that you are on and return to flight mode, click on the Leave Planet button. Your game is automatically saved when leaving a planet.

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