Laser Dolphin Press Release

Laser Dolphin Swims into Action!

May 24th, 2005 - (Vancouver, Canada) Dingo Games ( is very pleased to announce their newest hero has arrived for both Mac and Windows just in time to save the Prime Minister! When the world shakes in terror only one mammal can save the day, Laser Dolphin! In a unique action-adventure game you must battle and swim your way through a variety of cute and dangerous enemies in your quest to save the Prime Minister from alien abduction.

Laser Dolphin features 50 levels spanning four worlds to explore. Each level is packed with interesting and dangerous foes including kamikaze turtles loaded with TNT, fish with missile launchers, laser turrets, and birds dropping bombs. As you'd expect, Laser Dolphin comes with a few surprises of his own including missiles, machine guns, light sabers, and yes, even lasers!

Once you have rescued the Prime Minister take Laser Dolphin for a spin in Stunt Mode, where you'll have to do back flips, spins, twists, glides, and even jump through hoops. Score points by doing more complicated tricks, but watch out for hitting rocks! When you are finished there try out Race Mode where you must swim through all the hoops in the allotted time. In both Stunt and Race Mode you'll be practicing valuable alien-defeating moves that will allow you to unlock new cheats and features in the game.

For more information on Laser Dolphin or to access their free demo, available for Mac and Windows, go to Laser Dolphin: Saving the World has a New Porpoise.

About Dingo Games

Dingo Games is an independent game development studio in Vancouver, Canada. They have released two games: Jack of All Trades and Laser Dolphin. Jack of All Trades is an action/trading game based in space. Laser Dolphin is an underwater adventure game featuring a dolphin with a laser strapped to his back. Dingo Games is dedicated to creating more fun and unique games for everyone to play.


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