5 difficulties exist.


Choose the resolution to run the game at and whether to run full screen or windowed. Choose two-player split screen options. Turn off graphic detail (high detail) to make the game run more smoothly on your computer.


Adjust the volume of the music and the sound effects.

High Scores

Submit and compare your high scores against other players.


Adjust the mouse sensitivity - high makes your creature respond more quickly to the mouse. Low makes your creature easier to maneuver precisely. "Auto Attract" is most often seen when using keyboard controls - it makes your creature move slightly towards things that it can eat - helpful sometimes. For more precision on difficult levels on deadly difficulty, you might want to turn this off. "Click to Go" is mostly for tablet users - it makes your creature go to the point on screen that you click or touch.


Turn blood effects on or off, and change the amount.


See all the different entities that you have eaten.

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