Use the mouse or arrow keys to control the grey goo. Eat everything that is smaller than you. The more you eat the bigger you get. When using the arrow keys, press the space bar to "boost" and go faster - you'll need to do this to make some jumps. When using the mouse, hold the left mouse button to increase your acceleration - this does not increase your top speed. You must fill up the progress bar to beat the level.

Current Size

The current size display shows you how big your creature is. Eat more stuff to grow bigger.

Progress Bar

When the bar fills with blue the level will be complete.

Just Eaten

This displays the last item that you have eaten.

Helper Arrow

The arrow and cursor tell you what you can eat. The arrow will point to the largest item in close proximity that you can eat. You should eat this item and everything smaller than it.

Total Time

This is how long you have spent in the current level. Beat the level as fast as possible to earn stars.

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