You will play as d'Artagnan, a young man from the French province of Gascony. His goal in life is to become a Musketeer.


The oldest and noblest of the three musketeers, his background remains a mystery. He clearly comes from a noble family but no one knows what his true name is.


Aramis is but temporarily a Musketeer. His true calling is that of the priesthood. D'Artagnan suspects that his mistress is Madame de Chevreuse, a close friend to the queen.


The tallest and strongest of the Musketeers, Porthos is not as clever as his friends. He enjoys dressing in extravagant clothing, even when he cannot afford them. A rich mistress is a necessity for Porthos.

"The Man from Meung"

This is the man that insulted d'Artagnan in the town of Meung. D'Artagnan does not know his real name, but nevertheless considers "The Man from Meung" to be his nemesis.


She is as evil as she is beautiful. She has ties with "The Man from Meung" and Cardinal Richelieu.

Cardinal Richelieu

The most post powerful man in France, he has eyes and ears everywhere. After being rejected by the queen, he launches a plot against her.

King Louis XIII

"Louis the Just" is not a particularly capable ruler. He depends he heavily on his chief minister, Cardinal Richelieu.

Queen Anne

Also known as Anne of Austria, the queen is involved romantically with the duke of Buckingham. She becomes the target of a political plot and it is d'Artagnan's duty to defend her honour.

Constance Bonacieux

D'Artagnan's love interest and seamstress to the queen, Constance Bonacieux is often caught in the middle of political intrigues.

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